Wedding Etiquette for Out of Town Guests

wedding etiquette guest
Weddings are momentous occasions. People travel from near and far to take part in the festivities. For many this is the rare occasion they get to see loved ones and old friends from their past. What do you do with wedding guests? How do you prepare for persons who are travelling from out of town? These are some of the things you have to consider when planning a wedding. You should always be very considerate and helpful to people who are travelling great distances to spend that special day with you.

The wedding date is the first thing you need to communicate with them. When planning or selecting a wedding date it is good to give your guests adequate notice. This allows them to prepare, save and buy any relevant items. Travel expenses can be very high, and they may need some time to get this together. Sending the invitation with short notice would not be fair to them. You can also do follow up calls, to ensure that all is well with them, and that they are having no difficulties, in getting accommodation or transportation.

Children are also a concern. When you invite friends or family, think about their children; especially if they are younger. Be prepared to include them in the guests list, if they have no one to take care of or watch them. If children are not allowed at the reception, you can have a babysitting service provided for them.

wedding guest etiquetteHaving websites, emails, or Facebook pages with constant updates on wedding plans is a novel idea and good way to keep people informed. You can post a lot of interesting information here. This can include places to stay like inns and hotels. You can also discuss things to do, like parks, festivals or shows. Of importance might be directions, maps and flight or weather advisories. Your guests will be very grateful for the extra assistance. Many of your guests might want to know how your wedding plans are going, and how they can help if you are having any difficulties. This is also a way in which you will have memories that last. People will make their comments and suggestions, and you can use these same mediums to post pictures and give updates after the wedding is over.

Closer to the wedding you may not have the time, to do all the things mentioned before. You will be caught up in last minute arrangements and your own personal planning. This is where you need to have someone else who will monitor emails, update pages and send advisories. Ensure your guests update or send you their contact information, such as cell phone numbers and email addresses. You should intern contacts for them as well. This should be with persons who are aware of your efforts or the same set or persons who sent out advisories.

When they get to the wedding, ensure to spend a little time with them. After all they travelled a great way to see you. Talk about old times and catch up on what’s been happening in their lives. They will appreciate this, especially because of the importance of the occasion and how busy you will be. You can also make it easy for them by assisting with accommodation arrangement. If you venue has rooms for guests you can get a package deal. Find out from in town friends and family if they have rooms available.

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